5 Signs To Call For Air Conditioning Service

Surviving the warmer months of summer can be quite frustrating, if possible at all without a properly functioning air conditioning unit. For some AC problems, you won’t need a fairy or your greatest instincts to tell you that you need your unit repaired as soon as possible. For some issues, however, it can take you a bit longer before you notice a problem unless you’re keen enough to detect the signs of a malfunctioning AC unit.

Delayed air conditioning repairs have consequences such as higher energy costs, reduced indoor comfort, reduced HVAC equipment lifetime, and higher air conditioning repair costs if the damage is left to escalate to something more serious. To help you avoid these costly and devastating situations, below are pointers for every AC owner to note on the 7 crucial signs you should call an air conditioning repair service.

1. The AC Isn’t Working At All:

This is one of the most obvious signs of a problematic AC unit. At times, it could be caused by a wrong setting on the thermostat or something as simple as a tripped breaker at the electrical panel. At times, the problem could be arising from a damaged component in the unit, in which case expert repairs will be required. Before calling a professional AC repair service, be sure to check both the breaker and the thermostat setting.

2. Insufficient Cooling or No Cooling At All

In this case, the unit runs but very little or no cool air comes out of the venting system. Again, this could be caused by a faulty thermostat or a wrong setting on the temperature regulator. If nothing changes when you adjust your thermostat appropriately, it’s time you called an AC repair service.

3. Foul Smells from the AC

In most cases, foul smells from the Ac originate from the buildup of debris, mold, and dirt in the air ducts and air filters. These contaminants can be circulated in your indoor environment along with cool air, which can pose a health risk to the occupants, not forgetting that they can affect your AC unit’s performance and energy efficiency. Call an experienced HVAC service company as soon as you notice this.

4. A Noisy Unit

Most air conditioning units produce a characteristic sound as they cycle. This is what you may consider normal. However, squeaking sounds or other unusual noises should be an indication that something is amiss and your unit needs professional checking.

5. The Unit Turns Rapidly On And Off

This is precisely referred to as short cycling, where the unit tends to turn on and off more frequently than usual without significant fluctuations in actual temperature. According to Nicole Harms, short cycling may occur when the evaporator or the condenser is dirty and clogged. Short cycling should be addressed as soon as possible as it puts extra stress on the unit and makes it less energy efficient and more prone to further damage. Call an expert air conditioning repair ASAP when you notice this behavior from your unit.

Other signs to look out for include water leakage and the accumulation of frost/ice around the unit. Be sure to only work with experienced, licensed, insured, and certified HVAC professionals for air conditioning repair to be on the safe side of the coin.