7 Things To Ask An Air Conditioning Repair Contractor

Air conditioning systems are one of the biggest investments in a home. However, central air conditioning systems are prone to certain problems and malfunctions, just like it is with many other mechanical and electrical systems. But this is the unit that keeps your home cool during the uncomfortable summer months, meaning that when a problem is discovered, it needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

Even the slightest problems demand being addressed by a professional air conditioning repair that is reliable in terms of speed, experience, expertise, and pricing, among other things. But due to the many HVAC companies that exist in most cities and states, the process of selecting a reliable company can be a rather daunting one. You need to know the right questions to ask and the right properties to look for in an HVAC contractor. This being the case, below are the top 10 questions to ask a=n air conditioning repair contractor before hiring them to repair your AC unit.

1. What’s Your Experience and Specialization in the Industry?

The first rule of thumb is to work with an experienced HVAC company that specializes in the particular air conditioning repair services you are looking for. Don’t take their word for it, research further to cross check and confirm what

2. Are You Appropriately Licensed And Certified?

It is also highly important to determine if a company and its technicians are appropriately certified and registered with the relevant bodies or authorities in your state before hiring and AC repair contractor. Licensing and certification give you some level of surety that you’re dealing with a qualified HVAC contractor that can be trusted with your home’s safety, comfort, and security. Some common certifications to look for include NATE, EPA, and HVAC Excellence.

3. Are You Fully Bonded and Insured?

Again, always ask about the company’s insurance and bonding before choosing to work with them. if the company has the appropriate insurance covers such as the workers’ insurance and commercial insurance, you can rest assured that you and your property are protected in case any property damage or employee injury occurs during the service.

4. What Are Your Rates?

Of course, service rates differ from company to company. The main aim of asking this question is to choose the company that provides the most affordable professional air condition repair for your budget without any compromise on service quality.

5. Do You Provide a Written Warranty?

Some of the best HVAC companies use their own HVAC equipment and parts during AC installation, repair, and replacement. To have a peace of mind when working with a particular HVAC contractor, it is wiser to ask whether their services are backed by a written warranty on part and/or labor. If so, it is also advisable for homeowners to seek to determine how many years air conditioning repairs are guaranteed after the service. This spares you from damages that may arise out of unprofessional repair services by the HVAC contractors.

6. What Type Of Financing Is Available?

Some HVAC contractors only provide financing for HVAC installation services, whereas others provide flexible options and discounts for major repairs as well. It’s up to the homeowners to determine which company has the best deal and whether it can work for them.

7. Do You Offer Emergency Repair Services?

Whether you’re asleep or holding a party at night in the middle of summer, a failed HVAC unit can be a huge turnoff for you and your guests or family. Ask whether the company provides a 24-hour emergency air conditioning repair service, and determine if there is an added cost for that.